Don't take our word for it, this is what some of or Site Editors have to say about how AboutMyArea has made a difference to their lives and communities.

"Running an AMA site has given us the freedom to control our work/life balance. Not only has it fast-tracked our knowledge on how to run a business, but it has also made us valued members of our community. Being an AMA franchisee means so much more than running a website - we've been able to play a large part in community projects and gain wide recognition amongst local residents and businesses. Its nice to be able to walk down our local high street and see so many familiar, friendly faces!" Joanne Oxenham - Site Editor PE19, PE28, PE29, SG18, SG19, Bedford, PE27

"I really enjoy running my own business and working from home - it gives me total flexibility - it's great fun and I enjoy meeting new people everyday - It gives you a sense of the old community spirit, which is so vital in today's busy lifestyle" James Rudd - Site Editor Towcester NN12

"With a three year old daughter and baby twin sons, and redundancy looming, my thoughts turned to what I could do that would enable me to spend maximum quality time with my family, whilst still generating an income. Having heard about AboutMyArea a few months previously, I decided to investigate further. That was seven months ago and I'm now a fully-fledged AboutMyArea Site Editor!

Having the support of a Head Office means that I can get out and about, meeting people, attending events and generally promoting the websites. During my time with AboutMyArea I've met some amazing people within the local community and, best of all, I get to spend more quality time with the children than I would if I were stuck in an office from 9 'til 5." Christine Smith - Site Editor BB4

Have a look at one of our existing sites. For example the Towcester site was launched in February 2007 completing the initial five year term in 2012, took the free renewal for a further five years and continues to provide a vital news, sports and what's on service to the local community - AboutMyArea/NN12 also produces a a weekly newsletter sent out every Wednesday." James Rudd - Site Editor NN12

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