AboutMyArea Interactive Websites - iMyArea and AMAZing options Explained

AboutMyArea Interactive, iMyArea or AMAZing explained

AMA Launched iMyArea in early 2008, by 2009 we had refreshed the system to AMAZing.

AMAZing provides "community networking".

Community networking allows people and organisations to log-on to their local AboutMyArea hyperlocal news site to find out what is going on in their local area: to be informed and to inform.

AboutMyArea wants contributors to be provocative but responsible: to generate debate and discussion.

AboutMyArea franchisees are AMAZing Site Editors: you control and manage the contributions posted on your site. You can appoint sub editors, or contributors, you can moderate content, don't worry we run a bad words check and any inappropriate content can be reported and is taken down instantly.

Including you, the franchisee or AMAZing Site Editor, there are four different levels of contributor:

AboutMyArea is the local interactive website
AboutMyArea L!FE - The national magazine with local focus