AboutMyArea Interactive Websites - Businesses and Advertising

Why do local businesses want to advertise on your hyperlocal AboutMyArea site?

What's different about AboutMyArea?

An AboutMyArea website is not a directory, it is dynamic, it reflects what is happening in your community every day; it is fresh, topical and alive!

An AboutMyArea website essentially is a daily online news portal, covering local news, what's on and events.

Local people want to know what is happening in their street, village, town or area.

People want to know where to buy local services and find out about what is taking place that might effect them in their area.

AboutMyArea websites are interactive and the visitors who use it are the people who are most likely to use the services or buy the products supplied by your potential advertisers - 90% are over the age of 25 and are home owners with families.

Ultimately local businesses want to be where traffic on the internet is, the days of the local newspaper are numbered, the internet is here to stay. Over 50% of AboutMyArea traffic is now from mobile devices that means people are making purchasing decisions on the move and AboutMyArea provides that information, content and visitor traffic and numbers that local advertisers are crying out for.

AboutMyArea is the local interactive website
AboutMyArea L!FE - The national magazine with local focus